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May 28, 2009

This Boring Life

I keep thinking I should update this here thingy. But there's just nothing going on.

Nerdstar was hoping to start a new job on Monday, but it's taking longer than hoped for them to get everything processed. Now we're hoping to know something mid next week.

I've got nothing going on work wise really. They want me to work next W-F at the old location, which is a commute I really don't want to make. I guess I'll do it those three days and hope to get a chance to talk with the manager about something closer to the new home.

Our a/c still doesn't work. I installed a new thermostat and the outside unit runs, the air comes out the vents, but it isn't cold air. Unfortunately, we found this out Sunday during our cookout. It wasn't too terribly hot though. I tried submitting a new claim online through the warranty people, that didn't take, so we called them yesterday. Today the company who actually sends a tech says they don't have an opening until next Thursday. Ugh. Stuff like that annoys the hell out of me. Of course, they have a "service plan" you can pay $20 a month and get moved to the front of the line for stuff. But making me wait a week on a warranty claim doesn't make me feel like playing nice with them.

I think Nerdstar's finally getting a little bored being home all the time, too. That and a little worried about the new job coming through or not.

I'm not worried about $ yet. It just sucks that it's always the case of having lots of time when you don't want to spend lots of money. Otherwise we'd be heading to Austin for two or three days of good food and then Atlantic City for two or three days of poker. Sigh.

Oh, and I had my first slip down the stupid stairs last night. They're narrow and steep. I had socks on, so once I started slipping, I just kept on. No injuries, but still.

So, that's our boring life this week.

Posted by Beth at 08:01 PM
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May 20, 2009

Getting Things Done

Sigh. We're getting things done, just at a slow and steady pace. It seems like everything takes longer than it should, or takes two or three tries instead of one.

I installed the new programmable thermostat today. Turns out the handyman that took twice as long as estimated also hooked up the thermostat wrong. He knew the a/c didn't work, but he didn't even think it was because he hooked up the thermostat wrong. The only good thing is that the new a/c dude we called through our warranty also said it was the wrong kind of thermostat - which is my fault. I bought the first one having no idea that our central heat and air was the "heat pump" type. That's why I installed the new thermostat today. It took me a while and many readings of the instructions to get it all to work right. But I did it!

One thing I'm working on is not being so impatient. I mean, how ridiculous is it that even when I have absolutely no timetable or deadline or schedule for anything, I still feel like things aren't being done "on time."

Yesterday was lovely though. We took a day off from dealing with Army bullshit (her) and house bullshit (me) and enjoyed watching the animals at the zoo. I swear there's something about zoos that make adults into complete imbeciles. At least it's amusing to listen to all the stupid stuff they make up for their kids. Then we had lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Yum.

Today was a trip to Michael's and Home Depot. I think we've gotten just about everything we need for now.

We've decided to let professionals handle the yard. There's just too much we don't know about the soil, sun/shade, local plants, etc. We don't want to spend a couple hundred bucks on plants and have them die. Not sure when we'll call in the help though.

Nerdstar has a couple of really good job offers, although one of them would be close to a two hour commute one way. Ugh. There are some variables that might make it do-able, or worth doing. We'll see in the next few days. The other one is only about an hour commute and is pretty close to being a done deal. That's amazing. She wasn't even supposed to be back from Army stuff yet and she's already got two job offers. Way cool. It's looking like she could have a start date of June 1, which would be fantastic! She really needed some down time.

I have an interview tomorrow, but I think it's too far from home for me. It's a hospital system, so I'll go meet with them and see if they've got anything at a closer location.

Posted by Beth at 06:35 PM
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May 17, 2009

Road Trippin

I think we're finally recovered from our road trippin. Damn I feel old.

Thursday I got up at 6:30 a.m. and hit the road just after 7. I knew from driving back last time that twelve hours is a long time to sit in car and pay attention. I thought I had gotten enough sleep, but I had to pull over about 9:30 and take a twenty minute nap. Then I was good for most of the trip. I got to the hotel just after 7 pm and checked in. Finally made it to Nerdstar just after 8! Yippee!!

I got to see her barracks and her room. Imagine a dorm built in the 50s and not updated. They're depressing as hell. Most military bases are though. I've never understood why anything on a military base would be run down - they have unlimited manpower. Oh well.

We went to Carrabas for dinner. Poor Nerdstar had to eat chow hall food and MREs way too much for six weeks. (You know, when she wasn't eating turkey legs at a Ren Fair.) One of her commanders said food is a crutch. She should have told him food is necessary - jacking off is a crutch!

She still had more paperwork and things to finish Friday morning. We got up at 6 and were on base at 7:30. I got to meet her roomy and another chick she'd been hanging out with. She finally found some good people to hang out with. If nothing else, she made a couple of new friends through all this.

She finally cleared post about 11:30 and we were starving so we hit a Cracker Barrel for lunch. Love their biscuits!

So we kinda got a late start on really getting on the road. I knew we'd be lucky to get home by 1 am. We made a couple of stops at rest stops for us and Ramen to pee. I love rest stops - simple and functional. For dinner we went to this place called the Penguin in Charlotte. It was a cool little dive and made me miss Austin.

About 11:30 I literally couldn't focus my eyes on the road anymore. We were both pretty tired. We'd drive a while then pull over and close our eyes for a few. Nerdstar drove the next to last hour and a half or so. I finished up the final thirty minutes. It was about 2:10 when we walked in the door.

Then I woke up about 8 am yesterday. Ugh. We went and got some ok Chinese food and did some grocery shopping. Now that we've got a good kitchen, I guess we need to learn to cook even better.

We spent a lot of the afternoon, putting together that kitchen island I ordered. We worked together really well on it - which is an improvement for us.

Today is Wal-Mart and getting a few more things done around the house. And, of course, more snuggling on the sofa.

I'm so glad to have her back home with me!

Posted by Beth at 11:35 AM
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May 13, 2009

Holding Pattern

Not much blogging here because there's just not much going on. We're both in a holding pattern.

Nerdstar's being out processed from her training - and that' a good thing. But it's all going kinda weird. The stupid part is that the class ends next week anyway and there were only two or three more requirements she needed to pass. Now, those requirements were passing the land navigation and doing a ten mile road march. And this time last week it just wasn't clear she'd physically be able to do those. So her immediate chain of command decided to send her home. Since then it's been meetings and paperwork and "what do we do with you now" sorts of things. The Army is never really good at dealing with reservists as opposed to full-time soldiers. She's finally fed up with all of - a point I reached many years ago. The full-time Army peeps just don't get that she doesn't need the Army like so many of them do. She doesn't need the money or the job security, she's got a career already.

Anyway. We're pretty sure I can go get her in the next few days. But we have no idea what comes next. She's still trying to get someone to help her get a medical discharge, but there's no timeline for that.

As for me, well, I've done all the unpacking that needs to be done. Now that Nerdstar's coming home now instead of Sept. we can figure out where to put artwork and stuff like that together.

I applied for some jobs online at nearby hospitals, but haven't heard anything back. Not sure what my next move is if those don't work out. I'm really ready to not be home all the time.

So things are moving in the right direction, they're just moving really slowly for now.

Posted by Beth at 09:56 AM
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May 09, 2009

A Little Rant

Indulge me, I'm gonna rant a little.

This is exactly why I hate her being in the army. There is never any definite plan/schedule. Fine, I love our military and it's accomplishments and all that. I love it more than she does. But being an outsider and yet being subjected it this endless hurry and wait bullshit pisses me off.

I've wanted her out of the army for years. But, for reasons that even she has no idea what they were anymore, she kept hanging in there with this reserve stuff.

Anyway. After all the stress of the past two weeks, she calls yesterday saying they're going to process her out of this training. Great. Maybe this is a way to get out of the army altogether - which she just might finally be ready to do.

Then today it's all, well, it's the weekend, no one's working, I've got to talk to the higher up's on Monday, blah, blah, blah.

Now, up until yesterday I was the one trying to stay positive, and encourage her and tell her to suck it up and get through this. Then I spent yesterday afternoon, evening, re-arranging my brain and trying to figure out the logistics of her coming home next week instead of over 3 months from now. Canceling a pet sitter, telling my Mom we wouldn't be there in a couple of weeks. Nothing major really. More wrapping my brain around all the sudden changes.

And... my brain has to keep waiting and worrying and all that until at least Monday.

There's only two more weeks of this training anyway. And her immediate chain-of-command have been real dickheads. Who knows what the higher-ups will say about all of it. They could send her home next week. They could find someway to help her finish this course. They could ask her to come back and re-do all or parts of the course later.

I keep asking if they leave it up to her what happens what her answer is. I think she wants to come home, but I'm not sure even that's at 100%.


Posted by Beth at 02:18 PM
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May 08, 2009

This Crazy Life

Wow. Nerdstar just called and said they're going to send her home from this Army course, she's just not physically able to complete it. She'll be there about another week to do all the paperwork/out processing, then I'll go get her. It's not clear yet what this means for her continued army career. She was already trying to get a medical discharge, that might go forward. She might just keep doing the reserves, or they might try to make her re-take this course at some point in the future. That's the joy of Army life - you never really know what the hell they'll do with you.

Me - I'm so happy she's coming home!! I really didn't want her gone for another three months.

This also means we're both going to be job hunting. We're not worried about that. We've got a nice reserve built up in our savings.

I'm a little more surprised than she is about this turn of events. I keep telling her to hang in there and that it'd all work out. She was hating every minute of it. Maybe she could have done it all if she hadn't gotten such bad blisters on her feet. Maybe not. It was physically harder than she'd anticipated.

Posted by Beth at 03:45 PM
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May 06, 2009


Pics and comments here.

The unpacking is going very slowly. But that's ok. I'm still working on this work from home project, except they keep running out of work.

This is also the first day I haven't had somebody showing up to do something.

Before we moved in, I had a list of things to buy/do to the house and what I figured it would cost. So far it's all on target. I've gotten everything but some shrubs for the front of the house. With seven straight days and nights of rain, I can't do a whole lot outside anyway.

I had some people come and remove the 1980s satellite dish, an old dog house, and a bunch of termite infested fire wood yesterday (yes, it was way away from the house). It was certainly worth the money. It took them just over an hour, it would have taken me all day. The back yard has a huge slope in it, and we have that terrible red dirt, so not much grass grows. I keep joking we just need to put in a big slip-n-slide! I don't think we'll do much with it until next spring. If it becomes too much of a jungle we'll get someone to come deal with it. The front yard is tiny enough I just bought a weed eater to deal with it. Again, red dirt and a huge tree means not much grass. I looked at those manual push mowers, but they don't do well with twigs, which the yard has a lot of. I'll get some shrubs in, then maybe figure out what else it needs later.

Like I've mentioned, this is the quietest neighborhood ever. Seems to be a pretty diverse little cul-de-sac.

Tomorrow I've got a guy coming to install the last section of fence so Ramen dog can use his back yard! He's also going to install a ceiling fan, dimmer switches and a programmable thermostat. I could probably do a lot of that stuff, but without Nerdstar here to help, it'd be more hassle than I'd like. As it is I'm going to be assembling the new kitchen island when it arrives. Fun.

It's a lovely house. But it just won't be a home until my Nerdstar is here with me!!

Posted by Beth at 03:48 PM
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May 03, 2009

Settling In Thoughts

Let's see, I think this is day 3 in the new house. I've totally lost track of what day it is.

The house is still so empty it echoes in here. Not sure how much unpacking all the books and putting up what little art/pictures we have will help.

I think we have things backwards - the kitchen is upstairs and we put the master bedroom downstairs.

I haven't had tv since Thursday night. I think I'm going through withdrawal. Comcast (our only choice) is supposed to be installed tomorrow. I only have internet because someone in the neighborhood has wifi I'm borrowing. It's been a lifesaver.

I've never lived in a two story house - I'm really surprised at the temperature difference between the top and bottom floor. It's been in the upper 50's lower 60s and rainy since I moved in and I've had the windows open. I'm comfortable sitting at the desk upstairs, then go downstairs and notice how cold it is.

I've never been in a neighborhood as quiet as this one. It's almost a ghost town this weekend. That's ok with me. With the windows open it's sounded like I'm living out in the woods.

I can't tell if the pets are happy to have all this space. I know it all smells funny to them.

I really need to drag my butt to the grocery store. Trying to get the kitchen unpacked enough to have silver ware, dishes, and glasses to drink from.

Posted by Beth at 06:30 PM
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May 01, 2009

First Night

It's finally my first night in my very own home. At 41 it seems a little late in life for this event, but better late than never.

I miss my Nerdstar like crazy tonight. I'll enjoy spending the time she's gone making the house a home. She doesn't like decorating, so she's happy to let me do what I can.

Because my brain refused to shut off last night, so I only got about 3 hours of sleep. Then I got up at 7 to go get some breakfast before the movers showed up. It's been a long day - but as has been the case so far - everything went really, really well.

I'm not sure what the pets think of all this. It's certainly the biggest place we've lived.

And... I have a huge, beautiful tree in my front yard. And with the desk in front of the second floor window, I'm eye level with the lowest branches. I love watching trees change through the seasons.

I'll take pics soon. I think so far I've unpacked a total of 4 boxes. Over 30 left.

Posted by Beth at 06:01 PM
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