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November 28, 2009

Doing Thanksgiving Backwards

It's Saturday after Thanksgiving and I just finished making the cornbread for the dressing and the chocolate pie for tomorrow. Haven't had any turkey - can't wait to cook it tomorrow!

Nerdstar's sister decided to come and see the house and hang with us for Thanksgiving, but she has cat allergies and we have cats. We weren't sure if she'd even be able to spend an hour in our house, or be able to not wear a mask long enough to eat Thanksgiving dinner. No problem, we decide to go to the Ritz Carlton for Thanksgiving Brunch.

It was some of the best food ever. We had herb crusted lamb, prime rib, the best mashed potatoes ever, there was turkey, but I wanted to wait. There were probably twenty different desserts. It was just lovely! I got to the point I literally couldn't eat another bite!

After brunch we came back to the house to give her the tour. Her allergies held off long enough for us to have a fire in the fireplace so we could roast some marshmallows - she'd never had any! Then we broke out Wii Sports so they could beat each other up boxing.

Friday we got up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before heading out to Tyson's Corner mall. Nerdstar and I hit up Lush, but that was about it. The things we need are more like Bed Bath and Beyond stuff. We'll probably do more shopping after Christmas.

It wasn't too terrible being at the mall, but damn, it took us 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage.

Nerdstar's sister knows how to cook some really good Chinese dishes they grew up with, so we went to the Korean grocery store on the way home. (The Chinese grocery store has less stuff and is more expensive.) They spent the evening making a broth for beef noodle soup so Nerdstar can make it later, and then made a big pot of Wintermelon Soup, then they made a few other little snack dishes. (The snack dishes stink - lots of ginger and garlic!)

It was really nice to not have any stress. Also, we found out her sister's allergies aren't too bad and hopefully next time she can just stay with us.

And with all that, I still have turkey tomorrow!!

Posted by Beth at 05:57 PM
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November 04, 2009

Into The Fray Again

God help me... I'm going to blog about politics again. Sigh.

First, please read this post, it's short and hits on something I've been thinking about.

If gay marriage referendums have lost every time in the 31 states it's been tried... maybe it's time to change tactics.

I've been thinking and thinking about why it is conservatives are against gay marriage. Now, I am NOT going to jump into the "because they're all ignorant christianist bigots" camp. Some are, yes, but I don't think the majority of the 53% in Maine who voted against gay marriage fall into that camp. So there must be another issue.

Because true conservatism is about less govt. involvement and freedom and such (we had that discussion). So why don't the ideals of conservatism follow through to gay rights?

If gays really, really want to win over the majority in this country, and like it or not this is a basically conservative country (look at any red/blue county map of this whole country) then we've got to figure out what the basic objection is and change minds.

This is from a post on National Review's blog:

It now appears highly likely that, when all the votes are counted, Maine will join every other state in the union (which has had a popular vote on the issue) in rejecting gay marriage.

This result comes despite Maine being a liberal state, despite a 2-1 funding disadvantage, despite aggressive legal action against traditional-marriage defenders, despite unusually high voter turn out, and despite Rachel Maddow and the elite press running interference.

Proponents of same-sex marriage, unlike in Californiaís Prop 8, canít blame Maine on Mormons, on African Americans who turned out for Barack Obama, or on confusing ballot wording. Their issue loses when the people decide. And it loses every time.

No doubt proponents of same-sex marriage will take this loss as a rallying cry to throw even more money into the basket, and to put more pressure on the White House.

The battle will move next to D.C., while harassment will escalate against ordinary folks who have voted against same-sex marriage (especially in California and Washington).

Yes, it's absurd that a group of people who are less than 10% of the population receives such animosity instead of protection.

The one good thing every poll shows though is that younger voters are increasingly for gay rights. The bad part is it's not the young who vote.

Ok, I'm losing focus trying to write this. (I'm still short on sleep from yesterday.)

Another part of all of this - and yesterday's elections and probably 2010 elections - is that gay issues are tied to Democrat issues. And for the near future, those issues are losing ones. Health care, Cap and Trade, stimulus spending etc. were all being voted against in high numbers yesterday. And if what the Dems in DC are doing is going to cause the conservative majority in this country to come out and vote even more - well, gays have a HUGE problem. And current tactics won't change that.

All I can think is that all politics are local, and if we get involved on the local levels - like the lesbian in Houston in the blog post linked above - we can affect change.

Posted by Beth at 11:09 AM
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